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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amuse Bouche!

So, here I am...starting a blog. Why blog? Well, food affects all of us to some extent. As our societal waistbands stretch and shrink from obesity to anorexia and everything in between, it is obvious that food's intended role--to provide sustenance--has been beefed up to provide much more.

Having struggled with bulimia for, oh, seventeen years, food became my security blanket, my protector, my best friend, my family, and mostly, my enemy. Whenever I felt afraid, sad, angry, excited, happy--any emotion will suffice--I turned to food.

Today, I no longer spend my days looking back at my reflection through the bacteria-infested water in the toilet, running for miles to burn off the saltines and carrots I ate for lunch, or shunning social gatherings because I'd rather cuddle up to a gallon of ice cream than face my social anxiety or feel fat in my dress...but I still have a powerful relationship with food.

Whether one is an extreme dieter who obsesses over calories and exercise or a full fledge food addict, whittling down the attitudes, values, and thoughts that guide our behaviors around food is a process--and I'm here to share my process with you!

I'd love to hear any comments, questions, or concerns about anyone's process with making peace with food.